I was born creative! Remembering back (a long time ago) potty time was fun. I would make a toilet paper person by twisting toilet paper together to make limbs and then creating a head by rolling it -then giving my precious toilet paper buddy a name and flushing it so it could go live with all the other toilet paper was a good time in the life of a 5 year old. County Fairs were exciting as I recall pieces of artwork proudly displayed of funny looking clowns & cows.....I had a wild imagination. As a teenager I wrote poems that told stories- it helped me get through those trying teenager times. Now as I am a Big Kid (actually a Fabulous 40 years old) I create WREATHS and teach others how to make them.....and I absolutely love it! I hope you see that in my work. A wreath to me is a Welcome, a Celebration.... A Reminder that Each and Every Day is Beautiful!

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