About Ba Bam

I create WREATHS and teach others how to make them…..and I absolutely love it!

Photo of Ba Bam Wreaths founder Amy Smith holding a custom wreath
Amy Smith holding a wreath

About Amy Smith

Amy Smith has been creating ever since she was a little girl, everything from county fair cattle paintings to stories and poems of teenage angst. After losing her spark in the corporate world, she returned to what she really loves – making beautiful objects and teaching others to do the same!

Ba Bam Wreaths began in 2013 in Houston, TX. Amy quickly became a major influencer in the industry, with Instagram and Facebook followings in the tens of thousands.

For Amy, every wreath is a welcome arrangement and a celebration of a beautiful day.

When she’s not surrounded by ribbons and wreaths, Amy loves hanging out with her kids, Beau and Lacey (class of 2020!).

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