Ba Bam’s Inside Scoop 1 Year Membership


Ba Bam’s Inside Scoop 1 Year Membership

Hello, I see that you are interested in joining a super creative group where we:

~ have 8-9 tutorials each month
~ LIVE Q&A sessions weekly
~ learn vendor info
~ receive special coupons
~ learn tips & tricks
~ get inspired talks
~ acquire biz info/knowledge

This listing is for a 1 year membership. Once you join you have full access to the month we are currently in plus the next 11 months.

Once paid, please go to Facebook and search Ba Bam’s Inside Scoop and request to join.

I can’t wait to see you there! 💓


I accept all major credit cards. All sales are final.

Shipping from United States

My wreaths are packaged/wired in with durable boxes for the appropriate size. I ship within the United States only. Items are typically shipped within 1-3 business days of purchase.


Due to the nature of this product, I do not accept refunds. All purchases are final.


Weather Elements:
For the most part, the materials used in your wreath are considered durable to moderate outdoor exposure. I recommend hanging your wreath on a door that has an overhang to protect it. Unfortunately, over time, as with anything left outside in the sun, your wreath will fade. But you should get a few seasons out of your wreath before this happens. Most customers are okay with this as they typically want a change after 2 years.

Storing your Wreath:
Your wreath SHOULD BE STORED IN A CLIMATE CONTROLLED ROOM! Extreme heat or cold will cause decorations' paint to crack or peel, Styrofoam decorations to melt, and will cause expanding and contracting between grapevine branches which will cause the flower insertions to become loose. You will be a lot happier if you store your wreath in a closet as opposed to the attic or garage.

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The best group ever! Amy is amazing

Amazing! ❤️ I love the scoop.

This group is just fabulous to learn. They break it down into simple to understand instructions. Love it!

Great Products ! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Simply Beautiful addition TO MY Holiday Designs AND Thank you for such a great Product

Love leaning from group